RMP 12 Inch Large Leaf Grouping Cutout - Single Pack

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Get your butane torches ready for this satisfying project. Add vibrant colors to our copper cut outs with the magic of heat. These RMP nature cut outs will be an eye popping addition to your back yard or living space. As you heat copper with a torch, it starts to change color, turning different shades of bright red, purple and blue. The key is to stop before you've gone too far. This technique is called Heat Patina. It’s a unique way to customize copper and show off its true beauty. It has become very popular with earrings and other pieces of jewellery. Applying a clear coat of spray paint or similar is recommended if you do not want the metal to further patina once you are satisfied with your final results. NOTE: Make sure you peel off any PVC that could be protecting your copper before you apply any heat. PVC may boil up and produce toxic fumes.