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Perfect for Overlanding, Camping, Tailgating, Deer Camp, RV Camping, Deck and Patio Outdoor Cooking


Made in the USA


Portable, Easy Set Up & Cleanup


Includes 10,000 BTU Burner, 18" Disk w/stainless steel Handles, Powder Coated Base (can be used for multiple sizes skillets and pans.)

Feature 5

Powder Coated for Durability

RMP VersiBurn Cooker makes outdoor cooking a simple task for everyone. With its slim line design and pack ability this cooker can be used for all outdoor cooking activities. We designed it with multi stage 10”, 12”, 14”, and 18" cutouts so you can use your own existing pots, pans and cast iron skillets. Evenly heat and cook all kinds of delicious meals in no time with its easy to set up design. Enjoy the convenience of immediate heat provided with a propane burner and waste no time after a tiring day of outdoor fun and activities. RMP’s MOWok is such a great and fun way to cook in the outdoors. Designed after farmers were reluctant to be wasteful they would reuse their old plow discs and make them into efficient cooking surfaces. With a slim design you can pack this cooking disc away easily and be ready for some awesome meals in the great outdoors! Use it for your RV camping, lake side camping or during a hunting trip. You can even use it at home on your patio! Cooking a single meal for the entire family is no hassle at all. Prepare a full disc of your favorite fajitas or even some breakfast pancakes! Fry up some hash browns with some sizzling bacon or make a batch of scrambled eggs for your morning breakfast. The MOWok coupled with our Versi-Burn can have you creating a great outdoor cooking experience time and time again. 

*Propane Tank/Bottle not supplied

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